Taking a decision | Screening: I DON’T GIF A F**K

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The video loop visualises a suicidal game for one.
The dipole of life and death is being attributed to one bullet, every two slots in the mill.
The roulette wheel is rotated every time.
The result is random, it is always the same.
Τhe hand can maybe get used to the exact rotational force it exercises on the gun.
The decision is pending!

Duration: 0:08 min


Alexandros Vounatsos (GR)

Alexandros Vounatsos was born on 28/05/1992 in Mytilini (Lesvos). He studied architecture at the University of Thessaly. As for the architectural design, he has been involved in the creation of buildings in Greece and abroad. He participated in the 1st Architecture Biennale of Thessaloniki, as technical support for the participation of Volos and also the creation of the exhibit (http: // www.arch.uth.gr/incubator/). Participation in the exhibition, ImagineCity Volos 2012 (http: // www.imaginethecity.gr/Fantasoy-tin-poli-Bolos-2012), on the composition of a future state in Volos. Holding in the Architecture Biennial of Venice in the project of Maria Papadimitriou Agrimika (why look at animals?). Hobbies: graphic design, animation, video, music, working as a DJ, organizing and finding topics for entertainment.

Yorgos Softas (GR)

Yorgos Softas grew up in Thessaloniki from where he left at 18 years old to study architecture in Volos until today. During his studies he reviewed his relationship with architecture and especially the conditions which architecture produced and reproduced at the university. Using the representation and planning tools learned from his studies, he started to work on audiovisual representations and arts (graphic design, direction, animation, etc.) which he exerts on an amateur and non-commercial level. He tries to develop his practical knowledge of using the creative tools and to enrich the political and theoretical fundamentals inputed in his work. During his studies he has lived abroad and he participated in small exhibitions within and outside university.

Dionissis Paschalis (GR)

Dionissis Paschalis was born in Athens in 1992. Since then he is a student in the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, in Volos. During his studies he became interested in architecture and critical issues in the light of philosophy, social sciences and psychoanalysis. Besides architecture, he is involved in animation, music, graphic design, comics, theory, politics. He has participated with animation loops in festivals: default (2015), BeThere! Corfu animation Festival (2015).


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