Birth of a Sphinx | Screening: Identities

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An audiovisual interaction and dialog with the public art sculpture of two „Heads, shifting“ by Josefine Günschel and Margund Smolka, located at a public space in Adlershof, Berlin. Birth of a Sphinx is part of a series of experimental narrative documentaries exploring and drifting around urban environments as audio visual psychogeographic encounters. Birth of a Sphinx was directed, photographed and edited by Eleni Ampelakiotou for the Berlin based audio visual improv performance project Dos plus. Dos plus is the audio visual collaboration of filmmaker/visual artist Eleni Ampelakiotou and the experimental improv Electric-Guitar-Duo William Bravo Duo. Performing multisensorial interferences of narrative abstract fiction and documentary imagery with instant improvised compositions to a visual and sonic resonating experience.

Duration: 12:02 min


Eleni Ampelakiotou (GR)

Eleni Ampelakiotou, born in Athens, Greece, studied German literature and philosophy. She completed her studies at the Deutsche Film – und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb), besides writing and directing her own films, she supports as a creative producer of her Berlin based film production company “now films” writers and directors in developing their scripts and projects. Her film works explore new narratives and visual expressions expanding the borders of documentary and fiction genres. Since 2010 she is a member of the selection committee of the Berlin International Film Festival section generation. Her films has been exhibited in international festivals and received awards and honors (Berlinale Videofestival, Videoformes, International Filmfestival in Shanghai, 1.Prize: Creative Video, Festival Cinema Jove, Valencia 1996).


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