Circuiting Mind | Screening: Everyday Technology

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Circuiting Mind is constructed with various forms of representations extracted from software programs such as Microsoft Word Document, PowerPoint etc. The common digital colors of Blue Screen of Death, Black Screen of Death and a new blank word document are explored through subtle intervention of other software features, upsetting its familiarity to viewers. Deliberate prolonged seconds of certain frames and the high pitch adjustments to audio are intended to induce impatience and anxiety so often experienced in our daily interaction with digital usage. Digital playback and loading bars are also represented out of their context, to consider how much time is also spent while waiting for something to start up. Flashes of text (From Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man by Marshall McLuhan 1964) are used to depict how the screen is a site of projection of our imagination and thoughts. The typing and deleting are just alternative modes of expressions we cope with the information in our heads. The video is composed to evoke how the human consciousness of digital age is constantly undergoing deletion, alteration and programming by the major operating software of our contemporary era.

Duration: 2:35 min


Wei Li Leow (SG)

Wei Li (b.1994) works primarily with paint. With a keen interest in painting as a form of language, she expands her explorations of visual metaphors with digital software. Graduated from Lasalle Collage of the Arts with a Ba (Hons) in Fine Arts, her practice is often grounded with influences from urban and the digital environment. Wei Li aspires to be able to translate the conditions of living in the urban digital era into her artworks. She was also the 1st runner-up of Singapore’s Samsung Future Master Award in 2015.


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