Citizens | Screening: Abstract Aesthetics

Video art
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In „citizens“ temporal and spatial structures around arriving people and playing children dissolve. The look of the city can be guessed during a brief moment when the temporal axis is shifting and one catches a brief glimpse of one of the buildings. It is hinted at the ambiguity that these people have to deal with. The scene is situated in a non-defined „city haven“.

Duration: 1:40 min


Laura Skocek (AT)

Laura Skocek has been working as a professional visual artist since she finished her diploma at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2009 (department: Digital Arts), and has participated in exhibitions in Austria and abroad. Her focus is on video arts, animation, sculpture and installation, incorporating handcrafted and smart materials in her objects.

She is interested in all states of consciousness, sleep/wake cycles and artistic endeavors during semi-consciousness, the question of how we construct our own realities as well as memory and perception.
In 2015 she participated in the Sím artist residency in Reykjavik, Iceland (March/April) and in the Arteles residency in Haukijärvi, Finland (May). In 2014 she received a residency grant from the Land of Lower Austria to work on a new set of sculptures in the Nida Art Colony, Lithuania and in 2013 she took part at subnet AIR in Salzburg, focusing on new media art technologies and artistic research.
More recently she won the 20-seconds-for-art video competition commissioned by KÖR Vienna and Infoscreen with four fellow artists.


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