Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency

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The “Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency” (CSIA) is an online application and interactive artwork that addresses the overabundance of information currently being produced by social media posts and monitored by intelligence analysts. The “collect it all” approach of these intelligence agencies has created a need for automated processing, assuming that software will find patterns imperceptible to human analysts. Computers running machine-learning algorithms can automate judgment, labeling tens of thousands of posts per second. But if there are problems with the way an algorithm is trained, mistakes will be replicated. If human agents are not trained to properly analyze social media posts for threats to national security, how could an algorithm possibly perform any better?


Derek Curry & Jennifer Gradecki (USA)

Derek Curry’s academic research and art practice investigate how automated decision-making technology and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering have augmented the nature of human agency and provided new spaces for intervention. Jennifer Gradecki’s artistic research investigates information as a source of power and resistance: using methods of institutional critique and tactical media, she constructs models of secretive and specialized systems to enable a practice-based understanding of hegemonic institutions and allow for their re-imagination. They have participated in numerous international exhibitions and conferences, including “Secret: Nothing to See Here” at the Science Gallery in Dublin and the “Radical Networks” Conference at Eyebeam in New York.


Bitcoin Abundance

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def shuffle (array, random)

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Dictionary of Online Behavior

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