Moving Image: Painting with light

ADAF kids Workshops (Kids)
  • Thu 19.May @ 10:00 - 13:00
  • Fri 20.May @ 10:00 - 13:00
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A workshop about animation aiming at teaching a series of traditional techniques; basic principle of this workshop is to provide all participating students with the opportunity to create their own short animation film.

First part: Come and learn how a moving image video is being created

In the context of the first part, pariticipants will get the chance to learn about the ways we perceive moving image through the technique of traditional animation (hand drawn, cut out, pixelation, stop frame) as well as visual means (design, collage, sculpturing) that stimulate creativity and imagination. Furthermore they will create their own short stories by working on storytelling and narration.

Second part: Painting with light

In the second part participants will create their own animation by painting with light. By the use of flashlights of various colors participants will imagine and then create their light characters and sets; they will give birth to their neon paintings through the stop motion technique. This workshop uses flashlights as color pens transforming the workshop room into an endless canvas aiming at our little friends to create their moving neon paintings.


Babis Alexiadis (GR)

Babis Alexiadis is an animator and media artist that works between London, Athens and Thessaloniki. He works mainly with traditional animation techniques such as hand drawn, stop frame, and cut out, towards the creation of moving image works that feature drawings, collage, found objects and every day materials. He has been involved in theatre productions, commercials, music videos, and educational programmes.

His recent projects includes an animation commission for the 50th Dimitria festival, Thessaloniki (2015), the creative direction for the moving image of theatre production ‘the Barometer of My Heart’, London (2015), an animation for the award winning opera production Laika The Spacedog (2012), a commissioned animation for Ron Arad’s 360° installation Curtain Call at the Roundhouse, and an animation for the award-winning theatre production ‘For The Best’ (2010).

He has worked as an assistant lecturer for Buckinghamshire University, and AAS College, and also collaborated with the educational departments of organisations such as Onassis Cultural Centre, Macedonia Museum of Modern Art, Centre of Contemporary Art, Museum of Cycladic Art, The Industrial Gas Museum, Technopolis City of Athens.


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