Mind the Gap | Screening: Pop Apocalyptic – After Dark

  • Fri 20.May @ 22:00 - 23:00
  • Sun 22.May @ 21:00 - 22:00
Screening room | Main venue

The spiritual enemy has many and diverse actions and masks at all levels of daily life. Called leader, mentor, god, protector, authoritarian, conservative. The spiritual enemy philosophizes and meditates about good and bad, devilish and holy, he feels the pain and unites black and white. He shares his knowledge generously and now it’s pointless for someone to lose his time for reflections and considerations. The spiritual enemy trains us to believe in our freedom, in our expression, in our culture.

The illusion of spiritual freedom is greater than the digital ball where hovers in the public space. Training for compromise maintains ​​conservatism values, defines honesty, sacredness, tradition, right. We are deep inside the spirit of domination, we support and applaud the welfare considering its opponents as terrorists and also we believe it’s God’s will that we are free.

The gap between value ​​and thinking are finally full and comprehensive just like the enemy is the best friend because he provides harmony and balance so we live all together in the warm hug of big brother.

The spiritual enemy is not illusion.
Mind the mind gap.
Long live the freedom of thought.

Duration: 2:32 min


Yorgos Softas (GR)

He grew up in Thessaloniki from where he left at 18 years old to study architecture in Volos until today. During his studies he reviewed his relationship with architecture and especially with the conditions which architecture is produced and reproduced in the university. Using the representation and planning tools learned from his studies, he started to work on audiovisual representations and arts (graphic design, direction, animation, etc.) which he exerts on an amateur and non-commercial level. He tries to develop his practical knowledge of using the creative tools and to enrich the political and theoretical fundamentals inputed in his work. During his studies he has lived abroad and he participated in small exhibitions within and outside university.


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