Jukebox 2015 – It’s all Greek to me!

  • Thu 19.May @ 11:00 - 23:00
  • Fri 20.May @ 11:00 - 23:00
  • Sat 21.May @ 11:00 - 23:00
  • Sun 22.May @ 11:00 - 23:00
Main venue

Each month of 2015 represents a classic Greek song. Three designers work together, illustrate and experiment on textures in order to create a solid project based on Greek song history. Anagram design team collaborated with sound designer Alex Retsis and produced 12 animations with a unique sound design for each one. An experiment of image and sound branding in a self promotion project. The videos were published to social media at the first day of each month (2015).

Duration: 4:00 min


Anagram design (GR)

Anagram design is a team of specialists in visual communication. Anagram design team offer comprehensive design services for both print and digital means; Branding, Art Direction, Packaging, Experiential and Web design.

We collaborate with illustrators, photographers, developers, copywriters and production companies to ensure the maximum effect in aesthetic and visual communication for our clients. Our anagram* is signed-design. Get in touch and let us create yours.

Alex Retsis (GR)

Composer, music producer & sound designer Alex Retsis has been active in the field of discography since 1998 and in theatre, TV and advertisement since 2009. In 2012, he set up (along with international techno DJ George Apergis) two record companies – the techno label “Modular Expansion Records”‚Äč and the experimental label “Anthropos-Mekhane”. He has performed concerts in Europe (England, Italy, France, Spain, Serbia and Norway; including the Institute of Arts in Berlin) and has participated in domestic festivals and events such as Synch, Bios, Mediaterra and many others. Alex Retsis is also the founder of Qebo (experimental electronic music act, signed to DETROIT UNDERGROUND label) and Videogame Orchestra (chiptune side-project act with George Aggelides). Alex Retsis is an endorsed artist of the Japanese synthesizer company KORG and the Greek representative BON STUDIO S.A, with his EMEX project, alongside George Apergis. Alex Retsis is also a Senior Sound Designer & provides beta-tester services, for innovative audio software developers GLITCHMACHINES. He recently designed the library “NEW CITY” for sound specialists SOUNDMORPH. His latest collaboration is with audio pioneers NATIVE INSTRUMENTS. His current portfolio as a professional sound designer and composer, includes work for international clients such as TOYOTA, ZEWA, IKEA, AMSTEL, WIND MOBILE (received 2 ERMIS awards for music composition and music integration of a digital application), HALLS, FONZIES, WATT & VOLT (received 1 ERMIS award for FONZIES) and many other domestic clients.


Just Popped vol. 2

Animation THU-SUN @ 20:15 - 21:30

Net | Screening: Pop Apocalyptic

Animation Thu @ 21:40-23:00   Sun @ 20:00-21:00  

Zebra crossing | Screening: Pop Apocalyptic – After Dark

Animation Fri @ 22:00-23:00   Sun @ 21:00-22:00  

Portrait | Screening: Just Popped vol. 1

Animation THU-SUN @ 19:00 - 20:15

Lucky | Screening: Just Popped vol. 1

Animation THU-SUN @ 19:00 - 20:15

Room Without a View | Screening: Pop Apocalyptic

Animation Fri @ 22:00-23:00   Sun @ 21:00-22:00  

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