Modini-The Answer | Screening: Pop-compression

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“Modini – The Answer” proceeds as a contamination. Using found footage of advertisement auditions, it draws a dark satire about the couple, love and promotion. Get the answer right?
“The Answer” written and produced by Modini (Neil Landstrumm and Alan Parley).

Duration: 5:12 min


Yannick Dangin-Leconte & Anna Faivre d’Arcier (FR)

Yannick Dangin Leconte, a pluridisciplinary artist, painter, who also composes his pictorial and graphic universe by creating videos in multiples formations. Self-taught, since 2005 he has been constituting a cycle of short films hosted on youtube as ydl orphans.

“My work is deeply rooted in traditional painting. Constant under an “exhaustion” principle, I have been using its form as an expression both through classical tools and a more gruelling approach of it. Probing actual technologies to push the representation to its edge. Fixing a transient state. Losing the gesture. Questioning the original state… I find myself in a place with multiple devices and certain rules of a game that eventually reaffirm this “practice”. I commit in video via art and music in particular. It allows me to come up with other visuals solutions and more complex speech, creating moving and live paintings”.


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