No hay banda (2015) | Screening: Pop-compression

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“No hay banda” addresses the multiple schizophrenic perceptions of reality in the dreamlike world of Hollywood. The video is separated into six realities (or dreams) that each represents a singular conception of fame through the eyes of pop star Miley Cyrus and the characters of David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive. While one reality reflects the dreamscape of Hollywood glamour and festivity with mansions and nonstop partying, the next scene soon becomes a nightmare of Illuminati control and conspiracy over the powerless puppets of the entertainment industry. However, none of these realities are long lasting. With only a one-minute window allowed per segment, the viewer is only given temporary glimmers into each of these worlds. It is through the constant transitioning in and out of each of these realities that the viewer is hypnotized into a hypnagogic state. This constant construction and deconstruction process then leads one to question the entire conception of objective reality. Within this viewing process, when am I dreaming and when am I awake? Does it matter? Essentially, it is through this never-ending looping in and out of realities that the dreaming and waking worlds collide. Thus, by juxtaposing the two sources, the artist created her own digital world that constantly fluctuates between dream and reality, waking and sleeping, fantasy and terror.

Duration: 6:04 min


Stephanie Kang (US)

Stephanie Kang (b. 1991) is a video and installation artist that is based in Chicago, Illinois. As a born and bred millennial artist that thrives on mass media overindulgence, she references images from pop culture that are prevalent and exhausting, like the Tumblr GIF, the viral video, and the big-brand commercial. And while her videos are often humorous and bizarrely quirky, they are reflective of mainstream America’s superabundance. And as an ironic viewer of these seemingly shallow and mundane mass media outlets, she simultaneously takes pleasure in it while also subtly critiquing what she sees. Even though she recognizes the grotesqueness of this culture, she cannot look away. She hates it. She loves it. She gluttonously consumes it.
Stephanie received her MFA in Visual Arts from Washington University in St. Louis in 2015, and she is currently pursuing a Ph.D in the History of Art at the Ohio State University. Her current research focuses on the formation of identity through social media, online, and pop cultural platforms.


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