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“All this digital, numeric, electronic equipment is related to the deep-seated virtualization of human beings. We are already in a state of photo-videosynthesis: the virtual and the media are our chlorophyllous function” – Jean Baudrillard

In the hyper-medialization of food, pleasure is mutilated and reduced to pure unsatisfied contemplation. Food-porn, gastronomic onanism-voyeurism, should celebrate the materiality of food but it becomes pure image, a ghost of itself. It’s the sex appeal of inorganic: a confusion of something alive with something not alive, a crisis of inside-outside separation, a contamination of man and machine, a fetishism. Fetish is indeed something that is nothing in itself but it’s just a screen on which desires projected. These image-fetishes don’t respond to an aesthetic demand but just to desire for image, they communicate with each other through the haste of dreaming, they follow an immediate chain reaction and assume a phantasmagoric spectral intensity. The spectator alienates himself in the mystical abandonment of the transcendence of commodity: the more he accepts to recognize himself in the dominant images, the less he understands his own desire.

Duration: 3:20 min


Matteo Pasin (IT)

Matteo Pasin (Treviso, 1986) is a photographer and videoartist based in Milan. In 2011 he graduated from University Ca’ Foscari of Venice in Philosophy. He studied Photography at Cfp Bauer in Milan concluding the course in 2015 with an internship at Studio Armin Linke in Berlin. His works have been displayed in a number of international festivals and collective exhibitions including: Triennale der Photographie in Hamburg, Photomonth in Riga, Bronx Art Space in New York, Projects for the Arts in Washington, Mediterranea XVII in Milan, Comunità Italia at Triennale of Milan, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice, Salon fur Kunstbuch at 21er Haus in Wien, Cynetart in Dresden, Zebra Film Festival in Berlin.


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