Street Fight | Screening: Just popped vol. 2

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  • Sat 21.May @ 21:00 - 22:10
  • Sun 22.May @ 14:15 - 15:30
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‘Street Fight’ is using Karagiozis, the shadow-puppet theatre character, placing him in the environment of a fight video game. He is then required to face his opponents. As a folklore hero, Karagiozis represents the ragged, impoverished Greek who struggles from his poor cottage, while the Sultan’s palace (Saray) just across the street has been replaced by the Parliament, a symbol of the government and power. Via Karagiozis character the play illustrates the Greek people’s fight against the measures and politics applied by each government, in both a satiric and contemporary manner. In this way, the shadow theatre folklore is linked to the modern world of video games.

Duration: 1:00 min


Orestis Lazos (GR)

Orestis Lazos was born in 1983 in Athens and currently lives and works in Komotini. He studied Design at the Aristotelian University of Athens and carried on with a Masters course at the Athens School of Fine Arts at the department of Design and Digital Media. His work has been featured in group exhibitions, seminars and workshops.


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