The Trifle Of The Immaturity | Screening: I DON’T GIF A F**K

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This work is, at its essence, autobiographical. It consist of many different experiences, all of which are battling to have a part of my personality. My preference for things has changed dramatically and sporadically throughout my life. One thing may take prominence for a while, but soon another thing will take over. All experiences have, at one point the potential to be the one. I exist as a container, logically controlling the traffic of the things by considering the relation between me and society. To a certain extent, I am a robot which has been programmed by empirical education. In the end, my personality is made up of all of these experiences.

To explain such a confused mind, I featured and re-made a painting “The Triumph Of The Immaculate” drawn by Paolo De Matteis. I found that the narrative of the painting had similar concerns to my own introspections.

Duration: 0:03 min


Shigetoshi Furutani (JP)

He was born in 1980 in Mie, Japan and currently lives and studies at the Royal College of Art with an MA in Printmaking in London, UK. He also graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts with a BA in Design and went on to complete a Masters degree in Environmental Design. He worked as a TV set designer for Nippon Television in Japan before focusing on his artwork. In 2011 he won the Asia Digital Art Award Finalist Prize in Fukuoka, Japan for my work entitled “Tokyo Dizzily Land”, and in 2007 he was short-listed in the Computer Graphics Contest for students sponsored by the Computer Graphic Art Society in Tokyo. His work entitled “Tokyo Dizzily Land -p1-” has been displayed on the Saatchi Screen at Saatchi Gallery in 2013. He has taken part in the Young Masters Fund-Raising Auction at Rupert Cavendish Antiques, London. In 2012 he exhibited at group shows at the University Art Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music from 2006-2008.


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