There’s no limit to your “love” | Screening: Pop-compression

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This video work is on the one hand a very literal reading of “digital pop” and uses the metaphor of an erect middle finger (digit) bursting (popping) balloons as a comment on Europe and its many power imbalances. On the other hand, the work uses the visual language of pop culture in its production being lit, shot, edited and performed as if a mainstream pop music video contrasting high production value (exclusivity) with an accessible trash aesthetic as a synonym for the populous versus the machine, the masses versus the mechanisms of “Big Europe”. In a post NSA world, this work contains many digital (binary) contradictions, hinting at an “In or Out”, a “Yes or No”, a “Sorrow or Joy” and without offering an answer, seeks to reveal the human at the center of our cross-boundary collision of identities.
Music writer and performer: Moss Beynon Juckes

Duration: 4:00 min


Daz Disley (UK)

Daz (UK), as a visualist and performer combines his musical aptitude with live-coding and video manipulation, and as an artist works regularly with photo and video, for which he often creates bespoke code and tooling. Currently, resident artist with both Slumgothic (venue) and Gibbon Records (label). Daz has taught as a visiting artist (live-art, visuals, technology) and presented to a variety of conferences in the sound-art & experimental music fields.

Fenia Kotsopoulou (GR)

Fenia (GR), currently based in UK, is cross-disciplinary artist (performance (art), dance, video, photography), holding MFA in Choreographing Live Art (University of Lincoln), BA Honours in Dance (National Dance Academy of Rome).

Daz&Fenia’s video have been screened worldwide a multitude of international video art festival, while their video: “Here but not here at all at the same time” is part of the permanent collection of the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples (IT). Their collaboration is an attempt to find a common language between their disciplines of performance and dance/instant composition, technology and programming in order to represent and transliterate emotional states present in and generated by situation, space and politics within the everyday.

Moss Beynon Juckes (AUS/UK)

Moss Beynon Juckes (AUS/UK), currently based in Berlin, is a performing artist and musician born in Sydney and raised in the U.K. She works internationally with performance, workshops, residencies and community projects often in the line of dance, music, voice and movement.


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