Pneumotion | Screening: Identities

Video art
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Screening room | Main venue

Pneumotion deconstructs a dress code, acting on anthropological idea of body in contemporary society. Above a pavement street some heterogeneous clothes inflate and deflate repeatedly exorcising the physical body dimension. The article of clothing are structured and connected each other in assemblages’ polychrome or monochrome simulate large installation and its becoming ventriloquists dummy breath artificially produced.

Duration: 3:00 min


Devis Venturelli (IT)

Devis Venturelli (1974, Italy) is an artist, architect and film maker. Since 2010 he has done solo shows: 2012 “Estasi urbane”, Villa Rusconi, Milano; 2011 “Estasi urbane”, Italian Cultural Institute, Amsterdam; 2010 Videolounge Kunsthalle, Wien. He has participated in group shows in international institution, including the Kulturhuset Museum in Stockholm, the MACRO Museum in Rome, the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Torino, the Stadtgalerie in Kiel. He has also participated at the Collateral event of Venice Biennale “Round the clock” in 2011. His film works was also been screened in others international festivals (Beyond media, Videoformes, WRO Biennale, Loop, Invideo). Devis lives and works in Milano.


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