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The cyborg statue negotiates the relationship between the old and the new, by using the existing monumental elements and the evolution of human anatomy with technical features. The technological intervention in human body, the extra limbs and the implanted electronics are in the developmental stage of post-biological evolution and, because of that, they are not considered yet as acquis achievements of modern societies. On the other hand, the term of the monument defines something that is taken for granted and culturally outdated compared to the modern data. The monumentality is imprinted with the form of the statue combined with the technical parts of the human body and is used ironically for the devotional tendency of human societies. Thus, in a hypothetical future society, where the center of interest of cultural and technological elements will now shifted, a cyborg statue will be taken for granted and antiquated and thereby will can constitute as a symbol of worship and memory of human achievements.


Nikoletta Lafka (GR)

Born in Athens, she is studying Architecture in Volos at the University of Thessaly. Through her studies in Architecture she had the opportunity to experiment with the digital media and had the proper impulses to involve with the visual art and digital representations even on a personal level, regardless of the university environment. She has participated in small exhibitions and competitions in Greece and abroad on both digital arts and architecture.


Silicon Selfie

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From the pointer to the thumb

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Caesar 2.0

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Lost in the woods Book

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Lost in the woods

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