Trireme (Perchance to Dream) | Screening: Abstract Aesthetics

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“What exactly is it you want Mrs Johnson? Something real? Something that hasn’t been made by man?” Is the opening line from the film.
What is it we want as a generation growing up with the digital and internet readily available as the air we breathe, as solid as the ground we walk on? Has the internet and digital taken on a form of its own? Looking at new technologies such as 3D scanning and heavily influenced by the YouTube generation and how we access news, ‘Trireme (Perchance to Dream)_with_news’ is a paradoxical, melting, uncomfortable medley of visuals. Do we really see these 3D empty ‘shells’ or ‘skins’ of objects or the real-life people we view on YouTube any differently? And if they are becoming one and the same thing how can the artistic generation answer this gap between the virtual and physical? How do we get closer to real empathy and feeling closer to someone through the digital? Can Mrs Johnson ever really feel satisfied by something real or that hasn’t been made by man.
‘Trireme’ believes that we can, however it involves having to ask oneself some uncomfortable questions, it’s no use turning a blind eye to our interaction and experiences of the digital, but the face this head on, see how we react when presented with these themes and address them; comment, like, dislike, share.

Duration: 5:10 min


Samantha Harvey (UK)

Samantha Harvey is currently studying MA Photography at Central Saint Martins, London. Influenced by Geert Lovink and Florian Schnieder’s idea of a ‘Virtual World’ and how to radicalize the rules of access, seeking to explore how shared capacities and decision-making could potentially create alternative social spaces. Not just within a digital space in which the work already occupies, such as a video uploaded onto Vimeo, but taking ideas that exist in the virtual and using those concepts to bleed into a physical space. Harvey seeks to investigate the potential of open access, by welcoming rather than restricting access, and seeing what environment this can create, and hopes to seek out alternative contexts for the work to occupy. Harvey has exhibited internationally, continuing to explore the dialogue between the virtual and physical environment. Recent exhibitions and screenings include REFUGEE! at North East Hill University, Shillong, India, None Of The Above: An Exhibition, La Casa Amarilla, Málaga, Spain, THE BIG SPACE: Collective exhibition, Central Saint Martins, London.


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