Women in Agony | Screening: Comrade consumerists!

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Women in Agony aims to create a strong visual imagery of a unanimous female crowd on a busy Sunday afternoon in Oxford circus. 16 female performers dressed in exactly the same dresses, brown hair wigs holding loads of shopping bags gather in a pavement between two roads, form a circle and scream. This performance makes a comment on how fashion industries makes people feel the need to be unique and special but they end up looking exactly the same.

Duration: 2:14 min


Eliza Soroga (GR)

Eliza Soroga is London based performance artist from Athens, Greece. She holds an MA in Performance Making (Goldsmiths University of London) and in Cultural Theory (National University of Athens). She has trained in Jacques Lecoq’s physical theatre technique and Butoh dance. Her work is considered mainly as site-specific and explores the dynamic method of shaping everyday life into a performance. Her work has been shown in galleries, museums and theatres including the V&A Museum (London), Battersea Arts Centre (London), Camden People’s Theatre (London), The Yard Theatre (London), Chisenhale Dance Space (London), St Pancras Old Church (London), 4 bid gallery (Amsterdam), Bios (Athens) and diverse non-theatre sites in London, Athens, Paris & Amsterdam. Eliza is the Artistic Director of Re-Inventing Public Spaces, a Site-Specific Performance Art movement which observes the cities as visionary theatre stages – ‘Theatrum Mundi’. Eliza is part of Young Vic Theatre Directors Program.


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