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On evolution of species in recent biotopes.
As from time, where everything was wild, species started to instinctively shape their natural environment into grids, patterns, maps. Those are until nowadays for most their homes, biotopes. Biotope is a place where a living thing lives, its natural environment. As species shape their biotopes, biotopes shape them also. The internet is one also, it emerged only recently, though it is already strongly inhabited, the species are rooted in. How does their biotope look like? And what happened meanwhile to the species, their instincts that did not remain wild? Previously they stayed in clearings and in forests. In recent decades they adapted to new environments. The area of new settlements covers almost whole Europe, North America and Japan.
Does the evolution of species end somewhere?

Duration: 3:30 min


Adéla Kudlová (CZ)

Adéla Kudlová is based in Prague, where she studies in Centre of audiovisual studies of FAMU. She is recently exploring the possibilities of multichannel sound and installations in an exchange in TAMK, Finland.
Adéla works with digital motion image, sound and space. The line which can be found in all of her works is strong relationship towards nature and digital media, the surrounding and virtual we live in. She is fascinated by the wide variety of human perception, especially in the context of forms. The process of creation always starts in nature being finally bent and layered in computer graphics, digital collages or just pixels that communicate towards the audience with their organic base but digital look. Focusing more on visual art, among her works she is heading towards expanded cinema, multichannel sound, installations and live visual performances.


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